Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Restoring a Star Wars Trilogy

Large... Glowing... Square.... who needs the sun.
After spending the last few weeks trying to get the original projection monitor to stay online for more than 18 minutes. I toyed with the idea of just swapping the guts out of another projection display. I tried enough to get this one to work: resoldered the flyback and other large components, replaced fuses and capacitors on all the neck boards and the power supply, and multi-metered almost half of all the circuits on the board. I really wish I had an osciliscope at home. (Time to start watching ebay/craigslist for one of those.)
It looks better than the original screen.
This decision to go ahead with the projection swap finalized when the SWT at Neutral Zone STL had its monitor kick the bucket. All the tubes on their display seem to glow and be working, so I'm thinking that it was just the video signal board failing before it is sent to the xray emitters. I figure I can use my parts to get that one back to original and then swap my pieces until I can figure out which of mine is bad and then sell the rest to people who need parts.
I rolled my DLP projection TV outside and did an over-engineering project to convert the video. I have one of those GBS-8220 that takes the RGB 15Hz signal to VGA. Well, it turned out my monitor only accepts RGBHL, Svideo, or composite. So, I dug out my VGA to svideo adapter and put it in. Later, I ordered a Weija CV-04 which does the same thing.

Playing this game at this size is euphoric.
Tonight, I am going to move the guts over. By my measurements and quick Sketchup cad-eration, I believe I can get the throw distance correct.

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