Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seperating two control panel vinyl sheets

Super Friends till the End
While restoring a 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back to its original form from a Captain America and the Avengares for Neutral Zone, I happened upon the control panel vinyl for a Captain America that the vinyl for the TMNT was stuck to.

Fortunately, these were stuck together with what appears to be a spray epoxy. This is relatively easy to separate with some patience, a thin metal ruler (or metal paint scrapper, thinner the better), and some isopropyl alcohol.
Like Daddy used to Drink
Free with Every Lawsuit
Using the short end of the ruler, gently pry apart the layers of vinyl being careful to not bend either sheet as either may be brittle and prone to cracking. Pour in (or spread with a Q-tip) a little alcohol to help soften and de-sticky the glue holding the layers together.

Then, proceed to separate the sheets by moving the ruler in slow pushes. We are talking paraplegic snail slow, giving the glue time to de-bond from one of the surfaces without cracking either.  Think of it as mowing the lawn. Use small strips. Also, don't press hard down to keep from scratching the other vinyl. If you do get cracks, try to work the ruler around them and to the sides and come at them from the direction of the crack.

Note the Grand Canyon sized crack on the left.
For passengers on the right side, please note how happy the people on the left are.

When you get the sheets separated, you can apply liberal amounts of alcohol to the sheets and using a washcloth, scrub off the remaining glue. Some Goo-be-gone will work on this step as well to help get the glue to ball up and removed. Remember, these things were assumed to be permanently covered in sticky soda and sweaty teen hands, so most cleaning style chemicals shouldn't remove the artwork. However, be sure to try the chemical you use on a small section, just in-case your local Walmart switched the isopropyl with battery acid.

Why would someone cover you over?

Best of luck in your endeavors.


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