Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Designing a Flat Pack Cabinet - Needs a name

I started working on the design of a cabinet that is built to specifically support the current tech of arcade games, be easy to assemble, not take up too much floor space, and look good.

Taking inspiration from the Vigolix, I worked out a drawing for one that would be full-size and after a few iterations, I came up with this:

A little over 2 feet wide and 6 feet tall, it measures up to a standard arcade cabinet, but since it wouldn't need to hold a bulky CRT monitor, hold a coin box, or be sealed in the back, it looks pretty good.

I started working on my prototype and made a few adjustments to customize it for me and correct from a bad cut I made (which means I had to lose the marquee on this one). Not bad for a few hours work. I have orders out for the t-molding and controls. The balance of the system is great and the center of gravity on it is very low, so it is very unlikely to tip over.

More in Progress
In progress

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