Monday, May 20, 2013

Star Wars Trilogy Display Service Manual - 50P-GHS63

I don't think I have ever seen this online, so I scanned it in. If you have a 50P-GHS63 display, a 3 cathode tube rear projection TV, this is the service manual for adjusting things like the convergence and screen size. This is above and beyond the game's service manual which gives you instructions on setting up the game at your site. This would have been run through by the factory worker building the TV in the first place.

This display was used in several 1990's-2000's era SEGA arcade games, such as Star Wars Trilogy and Harley Davidson Racing.

Before you start anything, go to page 10 and use those steps to write down your monitors settings on page 11 and 12. I am putting this in bold because it is VERY IMPORTANT.

Should you fail to do the above step, I pity you. You may have fun readjusting 171 different settings which can cause other settings to need readjusting.

Also, DO NOT USE THE E2RESET until you have written those down. Read the previous paragraph for exactly why you do not want to do that.


Download the 50P-GHS63 Service Manual

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