Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flat pack arcade cabinet - Take 2

Shawn from Neutral Zone got (almost) two cabinets worth of wood CNC'ed and I set to work building one.

After fighting through the rain, I was able to get it assembled and all the board attached, minus the game pcb, bezel, and a monitor.

Every 15 minutes, the sprinkling came

The end result looks pretty dang good. The CNC company had cut grooves for the T-Molding on the entire sides, except for the front side where the T-Molding goes, so I didn't put any on it. Also, I am still not 100% satisfied with the control panel box area. It is relatively easy to assemble, but not easy to cover the sides with T-Molding. I believe the solution may end up to use dowels to hold the top on and then round the edges on the top side.

Looking better than my hand cut one
I gave this one back to Shawn and it should be cleaned up and in use right now.

You can download the CAD model I did in Sketchup here and the assembled sketchup file here. Also, the flat cutting CAD Model with dimensions is here.