Univeral Hammer LLC can diagnose most problems at your home or business and repair or restore your coin-op arcade games professionally and quickly in the Saint Louis, MO area.

Free diagnosis. Prices are less than you would pay a plumber: $65 an hour + cost of parts for short tasks. Discounts for larger projects.

Services include:

  • Controls - Buttons no longer pressing, Joystick doesn't go left anymore? No problem.
  • Coin slots - Lights out? Coins no longer being counted? Or maybe you want to add an external button to add coins for a game that doesn't have free play.  I can do that.
  • Monitor Repair - Streaking, wiggling, scanlines that break apart the picture, or just flat out dead. Don't want to recap it yourself because you don't feel like getting zotted with 15,000 volts of electricity. I'll do that, just without the whole shocking thing.
  • Monitor Replacement - Go from a CRT to an energy efficient LCD or a larger VGA CRT. I have you covered.
  • MAME replacement - Want to switch your old cabinet to one that can play many other games? I can do that. 20 in 1's, 60 in 1's, Konami sets, or a custom board you can put your own games on.
  • Artwork / Cabinet repair - Torn and flaking off? Need a new bezel or marquee? Do you just want to give your cabinet a custom touch. I can set you up with original or reproduction artwork.
  • Full Restoration - I will completely rebuild and repair any arcade you want back to factory fresh.
  • New cabinet/custom cabinet creation -  I am working with companies in the area to have these made. I can architect drawings for your game and get a custom cabinet cut and generated.